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Are you that human that your friends and colleagues frequently bother for your favorite product recommendations? We’re all about being trendsetters and helping a friend out but sometimes… those ‘friends’ find it more convenient to bother you with their inquiry rather than search it for themselves.

So, what can you do?

A:  Be snarky and send them to here, a site created just for that!

B:  Go above and beyond and feel like this lady in the Home Advisor commercial, “You can’t expect your neighbors to do everything that HomeAdvisor can, so we created this ad as part of our “Just Ask HomeAdvisor” Source: Home Advisor

C:  Spend 10 mins and create an Amazon affiliate link so you can make some beer money AND extend your brand’s presence.

It’s really a no brainer? Who doesn’t want FREE beer money? Plus start building additional domain authority for your brand. Plus plus step up your clout as a business owner with your own Amazon store even when you may not think you have any business being there.

Truth be told, Amazon is the largest. online store. period. Even if you don’t have a physical product you still want to have a piece of the Amazon marketplace. Especially when Amazon is looking to mark their territory in the social media landscape. Don’t believe me? Let’s see how Amazon has been trying to get in on the social media action.

In 2017, they launched Spark, their own social network to build a community around purchases. (Btw, if you hadn’t heard about it, no worries, it got shut down last summer.)

February 2019, Amazon Live was introduced. Leveraging the popularity of going live from Instagram and Facebook, Amazon set up an interactive Livestream destination with shoppable elements for brands and creators to promote their products and socially connect with their audiences. “Livestream on AmazonEngage with shoppers in real-time and drive sales with interactive live streams”.

I mean, isn’t this the point of going live? Isn’t this what all the Social Media Marketing Coaches and Brand Strategists preach to their clients? Go live. Get Discovered. Build Your Audience. Interact with Viewers. Get Sales. Rinse and repeat now while the Instagram and Facebook algorithm heavily favors this feature. Well, Amazon’s algorithm is doing this ten-fold. But more on that in a future article…

Here we wanted to walk you through the steps needed to be set up as a Vendor on Amazon so that you can earn free beer money based on your product recommendations and even build a store that your brand can use to extend its presence.

How To Create Amazon Account

STEP 1: Create an Amazon account for your brand

STEP 2: Verify your new Amazon account

You’ll receive an email with an OTP (one-time passcode) to verify the email you’ve created for the account.

STEP 3: Look at your new account

Still don’t think Amazon makes sense for your service-based business? Let us give you a few quick examples so that you can get your mind churning… 

If you’re a realtor – build a store with all of your favorite first time home buyer purchases. Create a list for essential tools to DIY some of those pesky inspection visit recommendations. Create a list for housewarming party essentials when they’re ready to show off their new home. And create a list just for home accents that really celebrate homeownership and welcoming guests. (In Italy, pineapples mean hospitality, so we, of course, have a pineapple symbol in our entryway.)

If you’re a business coach – build a store full of product recommendations you’re telling your client to get anyways! Are you asking them to go live? Build a list with your go-to cameras, lights, and microphones tiered at various budgets so they can look confident on camera. Create a list of productivity tools they can use daily to hit those challenges you gave them (journals, post-its, timers, etc.). Or, create a list of your favorite books that you recommend you ideal client read to get in the right mindset to conquer the world and grow their clientele. 

Still need help? We can happily send you some product recommendations (for free). Just DM us on Insta or Facebook. We love helping businesses create digital brick and mortars! 

 So, what are you doing? Schedule 10 mins out of your day this week and create a Vendor account. Start making money on those product recommendations! If you found this helpful feel free to share this bad boy blog and/or treat one of your favorite Mongoose fellows to a beer with the money you’re going to make on those product recommendations on Amazon.

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