The Search Engine/Social Media channel NO ONE is talking about...


When you open up LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or whichever channel you’re most active on, you’re likely to see a plethora of ads by coaches or agencies that will provide Done For You or DIY offers to manage these social channels.

Don’t get me wrong, in order to stand out in the crowded social universe, you basically have to be present EVERYWHERE. Why, though?! Because your absence is louder than your fancy-schmancy website that people have zero clue how to find.

However, while you may be fighting the fatigue of showing up on Instagram stories, daily reviews of your Facebook group, and going live on Amazon (yes this is a thing… add this to your never-ending to-do list to be omnipresent) you’re neglecting the low hanging fruit EASY wins.

I’m serious. What if there was a channel with little noise and isn’t uber saturated – AND – has over 36% market share? What if… One channel that has consistently evolved to become more than an app but ACTUALLY a search engine and now another avenue to connect socially with like-minded humans. Wait?… Does this actually exist? Hold, please…

One that has nearly EVERY influencer you know about using in some shape or form. 

By the Numbers

What madness am I talking about? Let’s play the guessing game (TLDR scroll down for the reveal… cheater 😈) and see if you’re a true digital marketing smarty pants or not. 


  • In May 2019 there were 217 million monthly active users according to the company’s Q1 2019 report
  • 100 million of which were PREMIUM users paying real money to spend more time on this platform
  • The increase is 5% from the previous quarter thus this bad boy app is growing!
  • Super targeting available because of Facebook’s integration since its launch in 2008
  • Claims nearly 40% of market share
  • Any guesses yet? Let’s be a bit more obvious then…
  • This platform lets you curate content and build lists that demonstrate your brand’s identity in a playful way
  • Some of the more popular curated lists have 20M+ followers
  • When it went public in 2018 they had a valuation of $26.5 billion by the end of the first day’s trading
  • The biggest influencer on the platform is Ed Sheeran
  • This platform attributes 30% of its subscribed users in North America AND 40% of its users in Europe

So who doesn’t want to jump on this bandwagon of users, right? A platform with a massive global presence ESPECIALLY in Europe. Who wouldn’t want to tap into this unsaturated well that businesses like Disney aren’t even competing for their market share? 

Still not sure who we’re talking about? We’re talking about none other than the streaming giant that Apple is trying so hard to beat. Spotify.

Is this platform perfect?

Absolutely not. Is it evolving? Everyday. Is it worth spending one hour on to have your brand become present? Heck Yes! 

Not sure how or where to start?  No worries, we got you! We built a STEP-BY-STEP guide for you. 

It’s in Facebook Messenger. You can view the step by step process right here. 

Bring your brand to Spotify. Spend some time finding your favorite tunes. And build playlists that can help solidify your brand in a new fun way. 

Remember, there’s a search engine element to Spotify so be intentional when creating your list names. Create playlists that you want your ideal customer to feel while they’re listening to you. Create playlists that touch the top of funnel content for your ideal audience. Want some examples? Think about your user and what they’d type into Spotify. 

If you’re a realtor, make a playlist like, “The Ultimate Playlist for all first time home buyers when house hunting” and include happy jams that get them excited for the tours you’ll show them. You can send the list to them before your first appointment and let them know that you have everything covered from when they’re en route to the showing through to the fine print.

If you’re a professional coach or consultant, build a playlist like, “The mindset playlist full of positive songs and all the right affirmations to bring abundance into your life”. Or maybe, “Gaining clarity tracks that support your vision and will hold you accountable”.

Or if you’re a digital agency like Mongoose Media, create playlists that directly call out your clientele. That’s exactly what we did. “Fempreneurs GO TO List of Jams to rock out to while building your Fempire” or “Songs to dance the frustration away. Profanity is necessary sometimes.”

Have extra time on your hand, have fun! Use Canva and make a custom AND branded graphic for your playlists. Schedule some time once a month to update your playlists. This is an unleveraged inbound marketing technique that can make some music for your nurture process.

Send a favorite playlist out in your next email. Use a story once a week to show your audience what you’re dancing to and invite them to follow your company’s musical journey with them. 

We hope this article was fun. We enjoyed writing this while listening to some cool tunes from our “Background Motivation – Tracks that will help you concentrate and smile 🙂 ” Want to leverage Spotify even further? Consider creating a podcast. It’s all the rage. And conveniently another article we’ve got on the Mongoose Report. Read all about it here.

Until next time, 

Lauren & The Mongoose Media Team

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