The Search Engine/Social Media channel NO ONE is talking about...

When you open up LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or whichever channel you’re most active on, you’re likely to see a plethora of ads by coaches or agencies that will provide Done For You or DIY offers to manage these social channels.

Don’t get me wrong, in order to stand out in the crowded social universe, you basically have to be present EVERYWHERE. Why, though?! Because your absence is louder than your fancy-schmancy website that people have zero clue how to find.

However, while you may be fighting the fatigue of showing up on Instagram stories, daily reviews of your Facebook group, and going live on Amazon (yes this is a thing… add this to your never-ending to-do list to be omnipresent) you’re neglecting the low hanging fruit EASY wins.

I’m serious. What if there was a channel with little noise and isn’t uber saturated – AND – has over 36% market share? What if… One channel that has consistently evolved to become more than an app but ACTUALLY a search engine and now another avenue to connect socially with like-minded humans. Wait?… Does this actually exist? Hold, please…

One that has nearly EVERY influencer you know about using in some shape or form. 

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