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This is the EXACT Strategy We Use To Generate THOUSANDS of website visitors week over week without ANY Ad Spend
Get a full Pinterest audit for only $27!
The clock is ticking! The path to start boosting organic website traffic and stop using Pinterest for pretty inspo pictures only starts here

Get an in-depth Pinterest audit for just $27, instead of the usual $497
From the desk of
Lauren E. Petrullo
CEO and Founder, Mongoose Media
Dear Agency & Brand Owner or Content Creator: 2024 Could Be Your Biggest Traffic Year EVER!
“What is the biggest misconception I hear from my clients when I try to convince them to leverage Pinterest for their businesses?”
And If I could give you one piece of advice from the years we’ve been doing this at Mongoose Media…
… “Don’t underestimate the power of a rock-solid Pinterest strategy and how it can help you boost website traffic!”
But, where do you start? An audit is one of the most important things – if not THE most CRUCIAL thing – a business needs to start making their Pinterest profitable.

That may sound like I’m exaggerating. But, it’s true!

This audit will take your business from getting little organic traffic to receiving thousands of web visitors just by investing in Pinterest. In fact, we’ve used it to get our clients over 50K recurring monthly views in as little as 30 days!

We’ve been able to do that by first and foremost focusing on this one important thing: adapting your business to Pinterest’s domain

By “adapting,” I mean how you present your products or services to your customers on the platforms. Because, believe us, promoting on Pinterest is not the same as posting on Instagram, which is not the same as posting on X, which is not the same as posting on TikTok, and the list goes on and on…
Now, you might be thinking…
“Lauren, I already invested in Pinterest and it didn’t work. It is a waste of resources”
Okay, I hear you
But I’m going to be honest with you: Pinterest can open floodgates of traffic for your website, ONLY if you know how to leverage it

And, to achieve that, your business needs an audit that will:
It’s a complete game plan to outshine your competitors with actionable insights for long-term results!
Frequently Asked Questions.
The starter kit is a really great place to jump start head first into doing Pinterest the right way. It gives you the tools to navigate your way to success. This audit is your own map. Showing you specifically for YOUR industry. YOUR brand. And your position in the competitive landscape of where first focus your Pinterest strategy based on your position in the market. The starter kit gives you the tools on how to attack Pinterest head on. The audit gives you the fastest route!

➡ Assessing the suitability of Pinterest for your business
➡ Conducting an in-depth SWOT analysis to understand your and your competitors’ positioning on Pinterest
➡ Identifying gaps in your competitors’ marketing strategies
➡ Providing Pinterest templates
➡ Offering board recommendations
➡ Analyzing top keywords
➡ Offering profile optimization recommendations
➡ Strategy guide

With our audit, which normally costs $497, we are stacking so much perceived value to make this a no-brainer purchase. We have helped businesses get hyper-clearance on where they need to start to get consistent visitors to their websites. Getting more traffic means more people who know you and want to buy your services or products. Which, in turn, means you’ll be making more money and all that you invested was $27!
Ready to unlock the potential and exponential growth on Pinterest and make your brand thrive on this social media channel?
Here’s the formula for Pinterest’s success
Pinterest Audit + Our Rock-solid strategy = Thousands of eyeballs checking your website!
The beauty of this formula is that it works with EVERYTHING. No matter if you’re in the lead generation, ecommerce, high ticket sales, course selling, or SaaS space. All the most successful brands on Pinterest use this formula whether they realize it or not.
So, how do you implement the expert insight we shared with you in the Starter Kit?
ONE : You can do it yourself.
It’s a trial-and-error process, and it takes some time to craft a strong strategy that works specifically for your business, especially if you haven’t used Pinterest before.
TWO : You could hire a so-called “Pinterest expert”
This is an expensive experiment that could skyrocket your business on the platform or sink it. I’ve seen it happen. Most “experts” overpromise and never deliver actual results.
THREE : Get the Mongoose Media audit for only $27
You get an in-depth audit of everything you need to know to boost website traffic by using Pinterest, including stats, industry examples, insights, and all the relevant data to make that happen.

Book a full Pinterest audit with Mongoose Media, and let’s find out together how Pinterest can help you get thousands of eyeballs looking at your website
With the starter kit, you might be on the cusp of a big breakthrough right now, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. So, here’s the thing:
With a Pinterest audit, you can not only save months and years of trial and error, but you can also learn how to smash through your own traffic goals and grow your website to the next level (and beyond) only by implementing the right strategy.

If that’s you, my team and I would love to help you take Pinterest to the next level
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