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Exceptional at constructing and analyzing sales funnels in both e-commerce and service businesses. I’ve watched her take apart an ad account in fifteen minutes online, in front of an audience, and reconfigure/retarget it to reach the intended audience. Within a week, the new campaign delivered a 7X+ return on ad spend for the business owner, resulting in significant profits online for the first time for a service business adding an online component. She’s got a deep knowledge grasp of funnels and targeting that not many people can match, the result of not just intensive study but of personally managing millions of dollars in ad spend. She understands and actively manages integration of all the different phases and programs in marketing and can configure systems to match any requirement.
Lauren’s also got a special knack for running workshops, and an open, engaging way of encouraging people to ask any question without feeling stupid AND opening up to share individual challenges. Her network of experts and resources is extensive, and she is a sought-after speaker for the main stage at all major events.
Don’t hire Lauren if you just want someone to tell you everything is peachy keen when it’s not. Don’t hire her if you just need someone to say yes.
Hire her when you’re ready to get it right.

Cyn M.
Director, Obey the Beagle

The marketing world is loaded with providers who are good at what they do. It is also loaded with people who aren’t as good.

Lauren, however, is great!

She understands the recipe for creating messages that foster actual growth. She is clear, concise, creative, and a whole lot of disruptive. Her Facebook prowess is only one part of what makes her great. She personifies brand mastery! From her logo to her glasses you see her brand in every word she conveys.

This is precisely how she has helped me with my brand: The 960 Method. Through her mentoring I was able to codify my logo to my message and create dialogue to help people understand the full scope of what my products are AND what they mean to not only me, but more importantly to my clients and potential clients.

I would absolutely recommend Lauren to anyone looking to win the marketing game. She takes the time to match your company to your message and create the identity you need to be to scale.

Tom H.
Business & Operations Cadence Consultant | Creator of 960 Method

Lauren Petrullo has helped not only my business, but my business associates’, and my clients’ businesses with her extensive, up-to-the-minute, and strategic-led Facebook Ads knowledge. She is always willing to go above and beyond to lend her expertise to our various ads challenges, and has helped get me out of a pickle more than once! I enthusiastically recommend Lauren for any Facebook Ads or growth strategies to help propel businesses lightyears ahead. ✨

Angela A.
Mads Collective Group

Have you ever met someone who impresses you more and more with every interaction? That is Lauren. I first met Lauren as a savvy networker and businesswoman who could command the attention of strangers with ease. Next as Lauren started giving me a sneak peek behind some of her results for her clients I was absolutely blown away by her ability to obliterate industry average ROIs for Email campaigns, Facebook ad campaigns, and even my specialty SEO. She has the very unique ability to help you identify your audience, truly assess their paid points, create compelling ads and copy, and then manage the KPIs to know what needs to be adjusted to maximize ROI.

As our relationship grew I learned that she truly is a world authority in Facebook Ads. Facebook themselves turn to her for assistance with defending their platform in courts of Law.

Lauren’s most impressive quality, however, is her ability to take all of her knowledge and experience and turn it into information the average person like you or I can understand. Most people who are as brilliant as Lauren have a hard time communicating. Lauren has spoken on stages around the world and leaves audiences begging for more.

Atiba De S.
Client Attraction Pros
Ready for an
roi driven media
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We’d be honored to deliver similar results and success to what we’ve been able to achieve for our clients.
Ready for an
roi driven media
strategy that
gets the job done?
We’d be honored to deliver similar results and success to what we’ve been avle to achieve for our clients.
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