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Mongoose Media is composed of passionate marketing experts and we’ve created the first ever Advertising Hospital™ in the world!

Like most medical hospitals with a variety of departments from pediatric to orthopedic, we too have 5 major departments: PPC, SEO, SMM, Marketing Automation, & Creative Services.
Foundational Services
Please note that these price sets do not include RUSH FEE.

Rush Fee is considered outside of normal working hours thus, not included in these price plans.

Usually, this fee is incurred when there are sudden sales which clients want to implement and they are not part of the mapped out quarterly emails calendar.
Landing page is dependent on whether a landing page builder like Zipify exists. So we’ll create it with consistent messaging and branding from the emails. Connections to the CRM, ESP, and any ads running traffic to the page, etc.

Otherwise, if the client has no landing page, we’ll have to create one and charge appropriately.

Please see Creative Services pricing.
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