Hi Friend!!!!
You’re reaching this link cause Lauren personally gave you this URL. And she is stoked to connect in a friendly conversation that probably overlaps with some work stuff. She’s not charging for this, of course, cause your friends. But if the convo does need to accelerate to a longer or more frequent conversations that feels more like a favor or FREE work than a friendly call, you can see the price sheet for more of Lauren’s time here.
We appreciate you respecting her time, her calendar, and her business. And love that she has you in her life. She does NOT share this calendar link with just anybody. So you must obviously be a pretty awesome human!!
Lauren’s Pack

PS if somehow this link was shared with you and not given to you PERSONALLY by Lauren. Please email irish@mongoosemedia.us to get on her calendar. Lauren is not in charge of her own calendar (aka she’s super busy) and this page was a compromise to ensure that her friends, when needed, can get on the calendar without going through her assistant.

Quick Chat
(Happy to Help)
We recommend grabbing 20 mins on Lauren’s calendar. For a quick conversation where you’re connecting over something simple.
Longer Chats
Looks like you have something super serious to connect with Lauren on. Please choose this option sparingly as this is namely reserved for something you know will bring value not just to you, but to Lauren.
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