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For PPC clients, we require that any paid ad clients have at least $100k in sales before investing in Mongoose Media running your paid ads

The majority of our projects take anywhere form 15 - 30 days to kick off. No work will start until our MSA and order forms are completed and the first invoice is paid. Then your onboarding process typically takes 2 - 4 weeks.

We want to grow with your brand's success. We scale only when it's approved and advisable for the bottom line. And as budgets scale, so does the responsibility, the ad management, the amount of creatives, copy, etc. At certain spend thresholds, you'll need more than one media buyer and strategist to your account for full coverage.

We have dedicated account managers for clients with month recurring invoices that exceed $12,500. Rather than eliminating smaller businesses from working with us, we've created levels and MRR thresholds that unlock further engaging elements with our pack.

Technically, no. We do have clients on WooCommerce and Amazon only brands. However, we have a dedicated team of Shopify specialists that help us ensure all conversion tracking and optimization beyond the click is optimized.

Absolutely! We've been using AI for over 2 years. It is a tool in our arsenal. However, we do not write ANY SEO content exclusive BY AI. We write it WITH AI. Which means you'll have at least one copywriter human WRITING the blogs and at least one human editor. All of our SEO deliverables follow a strict process and have been developed over the years. The projects often touch 4-8 hands before getting to the client. So, AI allows us to create longer quality pieces of long form content and enhance our script writing pieces so that we can bill quality length for a flat price.

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