Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your clients?

Mostly small businesses. We work with companies that often have 2 - 15 full time employees and potentially a host of contractors in between. We have worked with franchise owners of MAJOR companies and contract work for some familiar Fortune 500, but to be honest, we love our SMBs. 

I'm not ready to hire a team on a month to month basis, can you help us get some ducks in a row?

Most definitely. Often small business owners can wear many hats and know how to execute on a lot of items themselves. Thus, a way to save money can be to hire us for a 90 min - 3 hr consultation where we'll work with you to provide actionable items you can take back to your team. Some clients hire us for quarterly check ins where we'll connect with the board members or executive team and create a priority list for the year. Then every other month or so we come in and build out campaigns together that coincide with your campaign goals for that year. 

Costs for consultations:

  • 90 mins - $300
  • 3 hrs - $500
  • Full day workshops available - $1,000*

Do you offer pay for performance marketing plans?

We do! In order to qualify for pay for performance or pay per lead services, you'll have to connect with team members at Mongoose Media. IF an efficient lead management, sales process, and/or direct sales e-commerce site is set up, Mongoose Media may partner with you to manage your campaigns' ads and spend without any management costs. Typically, we are paid a fixed fee for each lead we pass along to our clients. In some cases, we can partner for a revenue share rather than leads. Thus, you're only paying for when your product moves.