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borrow my brain in blocks

Blocked time to be used within 3 months and 90 min MAX increments.
This will be based on availability and should be scheduled two (2) weeks in advance.
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fractional cmo for 90 days

This package is a one-time special pricing for our introductory engagement together. Great for when you’re evaluating Lauren and/or Mongoose Media as a solution for your company.
After 3 months, you’ll move to agency execution pricing, private consulting pricing, or equity compensation and sales renumeration.

The goal of this package is to set your
marketing team up for success.

thus 1 full day kick off + 3 hours of work/week
(1 hour on zoom and 2 hours offline)
$ 7,500 / month or $ 20,000 for 90 days
Stripe Circle


Weekly 2.5hr consultation calls + 3 in person events that last 3 days with Lauren directly
In person events happen twice a year in the U.S. and once a year abroad. Get a fractional CMO and Lauren’s direct brain and ALL resources, SOPs, and Systems inside the mastermind for less than what you would pay an agency or a full time CMO.
NOTE: This is an annual membership. To apply click here. All applications will be reviewed, but not all applications may be accepted. This is a protected room full of ambitious brand owners and ecommerce entrepreneurs that want to grow from good to great & beyond. With Lauren answering any and all questions every week. And in person 3 x a year.

borrow the pack

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marketing automation, ppc with funnel design,
analytics, conversion architecture and amazon
design, development, and ppc
seo & social media (organic)
Non Agency Clients are Studio Mongoose clients that are hiring our pack for
one-off projects here and there. Agency clients are active clients with an
existing agreement and recurring invoice.
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