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private consulting packages

All private consulting comes with
1 hour of prep and 2 hours of execution for every call.

fractional cmo for 90 days

This package is a one-time special pricing for our introductory engagement together. Great for when you’re evaluating Lauren and/or Mongoose Media as a solution for your company.
After 3 months, you’ll move to agency execution pricing, private consulting pricing, or equity compensation and sales renumeration.

The goal of this package is to set your
marketing team up for success.

group consulting

borrow the pack

marketing automation, ppc with funnel design,
analytics, conversion architecture and amazon
design, development, and ppc
seo & social media (organic)
Non Agency Clients are Studio Mongoose clients that are hiring our pack for
one-off projects here and there. Agency clients are active clients with an
existing agreement and recurring invoice.
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