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the fempreneur’s
business book club
What if you could build a network of badass
fempreneurs that grow and learn with you?
What if you could build a network of badass bfempreneurs that grow and learn with you?
do you like to read?
Want to hit your goodreads
bookgoal this year?
If you have been wanting to read business books that
you know will add tremendous value to your
Books your mentors and LinkedIn peers keep name
dropping. Books that seem to keep getting pushed
to the back burner…
well, we’re here!
We read
business books
We share our
We read
business books
We connect
We share
We zoom
We connect
We zoom
glad to have you here!
Note, we don’t always finish the books we start.
Some of us do, some of us don’t.
And we’re not here to judge. Life happens, but we can still discuss the key
learnings, takeaways, and applications of all of this in our business.
No, we’re not a mastermind. And no, we’re not selling anything.
We’re just a bunch of female entrepreneurs and supporting biz buddies that like
to have a schedule of what to read and where to sip and share our learnings.

Make new friends both in Orlando
and on Zoom.

Meet badass women that are
kicking butt in their fields or are
emerging future warriors in

Bring a glass of wine or tea

Discuss real life business problems
with a cohort of unbiased
professionals leveraging years of
experience and knowledge.

history of our club
Book Book (mon)Goose was started in 2020 with a group of business owners that wanted to catch up during the pandemic and find new ways to pivot our business.
The name comes from the game that many of us grew up loving, duck, duck, goose with a hint of Mongoose flavor!
We hope to contribute creativity, play, networking, and friendship in our meetings.
Some of our meetings have sparked business relationships, however, we have always been clear, there’s no solicitation allowed.
If it makes sense and participants want to collaborate, absolutely! But, there is no tolerance for spam, harassment, or incessant self promotion.
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